For this, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea, special rehabilitation or prevention programs for diseases of the respiratory system were developed. They are designed for a period of 7 to 23 days.

We talked with representatives of the tourism industry and cleared up what they offer.

In Crimea, 47 health resorts have developed programs for rehabilitation after recovery from Covid-19, of which more than 20 operate year-round − the list was published here. Programs are offered not only by classical health resorts with a century-old history and a substantial medical and health-improvment base, but also by new hotels and complexes of 4-5 stars, which have accumulated best practices of research institutes and the most modern technologies.

Sakropol Health Resort in Saki

The health resort offers an after-Сovid rehabilitation program from 14 to 21 days.

This includes: mud therapy, hydrotherapy, massages, physical fitness therapy, biocorrection in a room saturated with oxygen up to 26% in the center of the German Institution of System Biocorrection (GISB) "Noventalis" on the basis of the health resort, therapeutic walking, physical procedures, testings and doctor's consultations.

The winter price: from 45 thousand rubles (about $ 187) for 14 days with accommodation, meals and treatment.

Documents needed:

  • vaccination certificate or QR code;
  • an exchange voucher or other document issued by an agent or customer;
  • health resort card;
  • identity document;
  • birth certificate (for children under the age of 14);
  • a certificate from a pediatrician or epidemiologist about the absence of contacts with infected persons (for children).

Mriya Resort & SPA Resort Hotel Complex

The hotel offers guests a 10, 14 and 21 day wellness program.

It includes a block of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics to assess the current condition of the body, doctors' appointments, as well as therapeutic and preventive procedures to improve the respiratory system and strengthen the immune system. The program also includes inhalations to restore respiratory function, physical fitness therapy and Nordic walking to increase physical exercise tolerance, physiotherapy for a comprehensive recovery.

The cost varies from 65 thousand (about $ 867) for 10 days in the MriyaMed wellness center.

Documents needed:

  • a certificate of vaccination against Covid-19 or a QR code (for guests over 18 years old) or a certificate of a recovery from the disease or a QR code;
  • negative PCR test result (48 hours before arrival date) for all guests, including children from 0 years old;
  • the conclusions of doctors, the results of analyzes and studies that took place during the illness and after (if any);
  • if you plan to stay for more than 10 days, you need a health resort card, which can be obtained from your local doctor. The document must contain all the necessary information and data of the patient:  diagnosis, recommendations for examinations and contraindications for treatment, which are necessary for the wellness program at the medical center.

"The Covid-19 Recovery Program is designed specifically for people who have recovered from coronavirus infection and viral pneumonia. These diseases are characterized by a long recovery period, as they are accompanied in most cases by complications and provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases. Therefore, the recovery process can last even longer than the disease itself," the resort complex specified for the Travel Crimea Portal.

Palmira Palace Resort & SPA Hotel

For guests there are programs for 7, 14 and 21 days.

The course of treatment is prepared individually for each tourist, Vladimir Patrikeyev, Director-General of the hotel, told the Travel Crimea Portal.

"In addition to the modern medical approach, we use the Crimean natural healing resources: Saki mud, essential oils, salt, Crimean herbs and, of course, the unique climate. Sea air combined with coniferous phytoncides is a natural inhaler for the lungs and heart. That is why we have organized health paths along mountain trails with a professional instructor. The program consists of a balanced set of diagnostic, health improvement and treatment procedures," Vladimir Patrikeyev said.

The price of the treatment course on the hotel website is from 14 thousand rubles (about $ 187).

Documents needed:

  • health resort card;
  • computer tomography of the lungs medical certificate;
  • blood biochemical analysis certificate;
  • certificate of absence of contacts with Covid-19 infected persons (in the previous 14 days);
  • as well as a certificate of vaccination or a QR code (for guests over 18 years old) or a certificate of a recovery from the disease or a QR code.

Foros Wellness&Park Health Resort

It is possible to improve your health there in a 10 day course.

The Covid-19 Recovery program is aimed at restoring the respiratory, cardiovascular systems and physical exercise tolerance in an increasing strain mode with clinical monitoring of the condition, the hotel said.

The program includes therapeutic baths and showers − underwater massage shower, Charcot shower (circular and ascending), treatment with silt sulfide mud of the Saki deposit, as well as intravenous ozone therapy, a course of drug therapy is also available if prescribed by a doctor.

"As a result of the after-Covid-19 rehabilitation program, the quality of life of our patients is significantly improved, physical and mental activity increases, and the process of immunity restoration starts. Depending on the patient’s condition, the presence of concomitant diseases, the severity of complications from pneumonia after coronavirus and pneumonia of a coronavirus infection, the rehabilitation program can be individually expanded by increasing the number of procedures, adding other procedures, for example, barotherapy, general cryotherapy, and other procedures, in order to strengthening the effectiveness of treatment, individualization of therapy and the treatment of concomitant diseases," Anastasia Vlasenko, the head physician of the health resort, said in a comment to Travel Crimea Portal.

The cost of the 10-day program is 35 thousand rubles (about $ 467).

Documents needed:

  • health-resort card 072/y (for adults) and 076/y (for children) if the package includes treatment;
  • preferably – a reference from the hospital, the results of the latest instrumental and laboratory analyses;
  • passport (original document);
  • for children under 14:  birth certificate and registration certificate at the place of residence − "form 8";
  • certificate of enterobiosis for children under 11 years old (in case of swimming in the pool);
  • for foreigners, a package of documents in accordance with the migration legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • tour and booking confirmation or voucher;
  • a negative PCR test result taken within 72 hours prior to arrival to the health resort;
  • information about the lack of contact with persons infected with Covid-19;
  • for guests over 18 years old − a certificate of vaccination or a QR code obtained through the State Service portal, or a certificate of recovery from the disease or a QR code;
  • in case of contraindications to vaccination, you must have a medical document from the physician in charge at domicile and certified by the head (deputy head) of the medical organization, as well as a negative PCR test taken within 48 hours before arrival.

Porto Mare Hotel

The hotel rehabilitation program is designed for 10 and 14 days.

It includes appointments and consultations with a pediatrician, a general practitioner or a specialist, hemoscanning, medical screening, breathing exercises according to dr. Strelnikova method, laser therapy on the chest, medicinal electrophoresis with heparin and lidase on the chest, magnetotherapy, therapeutic massage of the chest, inhalations with catholyte, oxygen cocktail, phytotherapy, climatotherapy, health trail, massage of the reflexogenic zones of the feet by the barefoot walking, therapeutic baths with bischofite, therapeutically dosed Nordic walking.

The price includes a wellness program, the use of park hotel infrastructure and amenities, SPA, a beach complex, sports grounds, a gym. And for guests with children:  an interactive center for the development of abilities (an analogue of a kindergarten with a possibility to leave a child aged 3 to 7 years for a full day), a teen club, an amusement park, a petting zoo.

The price of the complex is from 39 thousand rubles (about $ 520).

You can learn more about the list of required documents for accommodation, at a consultation with a medical manager.

Neumyvakin Health Center

There guests are offered the "+ Oxygen" program of rehabilitation after pulmonary diseases. The program is designed for 6, 10 and 14 days.

It includes consultations of specialists, a program of author's classes, therapeutic exercises of activities, special nutrition, a course of wellness procedures aimed at restoring the vital capacity of the lungs and the level of blood oxygen saturation, psychological training, massage of the chest section of spine, climatotherapy, individual sports package, educational and cultural programs.

Documents needed:

  • QR code or certificate of vaccination against Covid-19;
  • certificate of recovery from the disease no more than six months ago;
  • a medical document confirming the contraindications for vaccination and a PCR test;
  • fluorography;
  • urine general analysis.

The price of the program is from 36 thousand rubles (about $ 480) per person with accommodation in a double room.

General requirements for booking and accommodation

We remind you that in Crimea the special rules for accommodation in hotels and health resorts are still in force. Booking and accommodation is possible only if you can present certificate of vaccination or a QR code obtained from the State Service portal, or a certificate of recovery from the disease or a QR code. Provided one of these documents is presented, a negative PCR test result is not required.

In case of medical contraindications, a medical document is needed as a proof and a negative PCR test result obtained no later than 48 hours from the time of the laboratory test taken.

* The cost and conditions of accommodation are relevant at the time of publication of the material. We recommend that you check for updates in advance with the hotel or resort of your choice.