The West of Crimea – it is the popular resort cities of Eupatoria, Saki, Sevastopol, Balaklava, as well as small, but no less popular tourist towns Olenyovka, Novofyodorovka, Chernomorskoyeh, Zaozyornoyeh and others. By the beauty of the coastal line and landscapes, those places are not inferior to other coasts of Crimea. So we have chosen a destination, built a route and now – let’s take a course for adventure.

Coastal battery No. 19 in Balaklava

The fortification stands guard over the Balaklava Bay. During the last war, the garrison of coastal battery No. 19 was among the most distinguished. Mark Drapushko commanded it and the battery, as often happens, was nick-named after him. Many years have passed since then and only the underground corridors, the loophole, a part of ancillary rooms and remains of structural elements have survived to these days, most of which are underground and can be viewed only with a flashlight. The status of the "military facility" has long been removed, the entrance to the territory is free and anyone can visit it. A separate bonus is a stunning view of Balaklava, the sea and Cape Aya. Pleasure boats glide on the water all year round, adding a special touch to the landscape. In short, it's better to see it with your own eyes!

How to get there:

Drive to Balaklava, past the Military Historical Museum of Fortifications, follow up the road to a small concrete-paved parking lot. Further up the path, a few minutes − and you are there.


Pink lake in Saki  

Pink lakes is one of the Crimean "baits". There are several of them there, but the largest is Sasyk-Sivash salt lake, which is, perhaps, the most popular. An amazing reservoir is located between Saki and Eupatoria. The lake "exhibits" its unusual color, as a rule, from late spring till mid-autumn.  But even in the off-season, tourists often come here to see this truly unusual place with their own eyes. It is especially interesting to watch it in spring, when the air becomes warm and the color of the water gains saturation day by day. In addition, the mud of this lake is classified as medicinal and retains its effect all year round.

How to get there:

You need to go through Saki towards Eupatoria to the Pribrezhnoyeh bus stop, then turn right onto the adjacent road and, after passing under the railway bridge, keep to the left. The road will lead you to the lake in just a couple of minutes.

Lake Sasyk-Sivash

Space telescope in Molochnoyeh

Are you keen about space discoveries? Then go the village of Molochnoyeh, which is not far from Eupatoria. There, at the site of the Center for Space Long-Range Communication, a huge radio telescope with a mirror of 70 meters in diameter is installed, which today is one of the largest and most technically advanced in the world. The history of space exploration is inextricably linked with Eupatoria: over the years of its existence, the Center for Space Long-Range Communication has supported more than fifty space missions, including automated ones, like those to Venus and Mars. It was from there that the first message was sent into space, and a special testing ground for earth tests of lunar rovers was there, near Eupatoria. So if you want to get a little closer to space, then go to Molochnoyeh. You can take a walk near the telescope, which is visible from afar, take some memorable selfies with it in the background, and even relax on the beach with the view of this impressive installation.

How to get there:

From Eupatoria, head to the village of Molochnoyeh, the distance is just a little over 10 km. When you reach the village, take the radio telescope tower as a reference point − you cannot miss it − and turn from the asphalt onto the country road, head towards your destination.

Центр дальней космической связи в МолочномCenter for Space Long-Range Communication

Dzhangul coast

For everyone who knows that only mountains can be better than mountains, the Dzhangul landslide coast will become a place for the soul. This is a landscape reserve on the western coast of the Tarkhankut peninsula, washed by the Black Sea. There is a strip of chaotically piled blocks of the most bizarre shapes and different sizes stretching for several kilometers along the coast.  From the desert steppe areas, they descend by terraces to the sea and its cozy coves. Someone considers Dzhangul just a beautiful route, someone − a real place of power, in no way inferior to the Tibetan. Perhaps, there is something in this, because "jan" in translation means soul. So go ahead to get energized.

How to get there:

Follow to the Chernomorskiy district, towards the village of Olenyovka, then take the Krasnoselskoyeh-Olenyovka road and turn onto the country road to the sea.

Урочище ДжангульDzhangul coast

Ancient settlement Belyaus

Many are accustomed to associate the ancient heritage of Crimea only with the Chersonesos in Sevastopol, but it is not the only one on the peninsula. For example, not far from the western end of the Donuzlavskaya spillway in the Chernomorskiy district, there is one of the most interesting landmarks of the Western Crimea − an ancient Greek settlement of the second half of the 4th century BC. According to historians, it was inhabited for about 500 years. The foundations of the walls, stairs, grain pits and wells have survived to these days. Access for tourists is open, so you can stroll through the streets of the ancient town and make selfies in the ancient Greek "interiors" all year round.

How to get there:

The easiest way to get there is from the city of Eupatoria. Leave Eupatoria towards the village of Chernomorskoyeh, drive past Donuzlav lake, the village of Medvedevo, turn to the sea and you are almost there.

Ancient settlement Belyaus

These are the places we propose to visit in the west of Crimea. In addition, of course, the resort towns themselves and the famous attractions in them. In fact, there are so many interesting places and unusual landmarks on this coast that you need to devote a separate vacation to it. Well, next time we will tell you about interesting places for a car ride in eastern Crimea. Have a nice trip!