Oriental tunes 

The color of the East with the heady aroma of spices and a light musical chime await guests at the ethnic restaurant "Jeval" in Eupatoria. Here they carefully preserve the traditions of сrimean tatar cuisine, combining modern gastronomic trends with time-tested recipes of traditional dishes. The restaurant is one of the components of the cultural and ethnographic center which also includes the castle gate museum with a unique layout of the old city of Kezlev, a coffee house and a hotel.

Waitress in the ethnic restaurant "Jeval"

With the taste of the Caucasus 

Residents and guests of the peninsula will be able to appreciate the real Caucasian hospitality in the "Old Borjom" café, located at the foot of Ai-Petri mountain in Yalta. Here a beautiful summer court and a cozy hall with a Georgian-style interior are offered for relaxation − in a word, everything presupposes delicious meals and pleasant table-talk. The menu includes traditional kharcho, matsoni, satsivi, mkhali, khachapuri and much, much more. 

"Old Borjom" café

On a visit to Pushkin 

In Crimea there are two restaurants that seem to take us to the atmosphere of the 19th century, in which poet Alexander Pushkin lived and worked. This is the "Pushkin" restaurant in Yalta and the "Pushkin" restaurant in Bakhchisarai. Despite the thematic similarity, these places are absolutely different. In Yalta, the resort capital, guests are met with refined style, luster and authentic interiors of Pushkin time, with unusual dining halls:  "Entresol", "Cellar", "Library" and others. The guests are offered russian and european cuisines. 

"Pushkin" restaurant

And in Bakhchisarai the guests will be offered a cozy interior to enjoy dishes of East European cuisine. The atmosphere there is easy and creative with accents of oriental flavor. A skillfully designed interior takes you several centuries ago, but at the same time it does not let you forget that you are in a unique city − once the capital of the crimean khanate.  

Pirate revel 

Want to experience the spirit of piracy and get to know the ship's kitchen? Then embark on a real ship and drop anchor in the "Pirate Tavern". This is a unique restaurant in Sevastopol, which offers authentic cuisine with a variety of Black Sea delicacies.  

The ship restaurant is divided into two parts: a hold and a deck. In the hold there is a real pirate air, and from the deck there is a magnificent view of the Sevastopol Artbukhta (artillery bay). Here you will be treated to Black Sea shrimps, baked katrana (spiny dogfish), fried flat-fish, grilled mackerel and mullet, variations of dishes from mussels and rapanas and many others…  

Restaurant "Pirate Tavern"

And what about wildfowl?  

Cozy interior, unobtrusive music, delicious wholesome food wait for you in the "Magic Oaks" restaurant in the fishing Black Stones village in the Bakhchisarai district. The menu includes dishes from rabbit, veal, pheasant, quail. 

Favorite characters of the "Diamond Hand" legendary film are guessed in the decor elements, evoking smiles and pleased nostalgic notes from visitors. 

"Magic Oaks" restaurant

This is only a small portion of the places in Crimea where you can taste the national cuisine and relax the heart and soul. Take a note and hit the road towards gastronomic adventures!