You can go through the course of rehabilitation, treatment and recuperation in one of many health resorts, holiday homes or boarding houses that are located in different regions of the peninsula.

And today we are talking about Saki − the world-famous balneological and curative mud resort.

The unique resort of Saki is located on the western coast of Crimea. It is famous as a "city that gives life". Fresh sea air, soft sandy beaches, mineral water and curative mud − all this strengthens the body and gives a charge of vitality and health for a long time.

Girl on water procedures

At present Saki is a unique recreation and health improvement complex with a developed infrastructure for accommodation of all categories of people, including those with limited mobility. On the relatively small territory there are about ten health resorts specializing in the treatment of various diseases, including the world-famous specialized spinal sanatorium named after academician N.N. Burdenko. And now we will go into detail and tell you about the possibilities of treatment and recuperation in Saki

Three components of treatment

The main things in the process of treating any disease are desire, faith in recovery and patience, as well as following all the recommendations of doctors. All the medical experience accumulated over many years and the latest achievements of medicine are put at the service of health in Saki. Staying at this health resort brings significant remission or complete recovery to people suffering from severe chronic ailments, allows women to experience the joy of motherhood, and literally puts on their feet those who for many years have been confined to the bed or wheelchair.

Healing procedures

What is treated in the health resorts of Saki

At the Saki health resorts specialists successfully combine natural healing factors with modern therapeutic and diagnostic methods. Mud and balneotherapy give a high percentage of recovery, which sometimes even exceeds the results of official medicine. These methods have long been considered to be an effective remedy for diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joints, male and female infertility, skin diseases and neurological disorders. Along with the use of curative Saki mud and mineral waters, physiotherapy, aesthetic and alternative medicine methods are widely used in local health resorts.

Each profile of health improvement programs of Saki health resorts is carefully thought out and balanced in terms of the duration of the course and the number of procedures to obtain the maximum rehabilitation effect in accordance with the standards and recommendations of the Ministry of Health of Russia. However, there is one important condition: for successful treatment, an accurate diagnosis and a health resort of a specific profile are necessary.

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Where to go for health

Each Saki health improvement institution has specific profile, and each of them offers programs not for one, but for several diseases at once. Therefore, there is plenty to choose from.  So, for example, a wide range of programs in urology, gynecology, therapy, neurology is offered in the "Saki" health resort. A specialized spinal health resort named after academician N.N. Burdenko conducts spa treatment and medical rehabilitation of patients with the consequences of injuries and diseases of the spinal cord and brain, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, and peripheral nervous system. This is a unique institution where patients can stay both with their personal attendants or without them, as the nursing staff of the health resort provides specialized patient care around the clock.

Diseases of the spine and joints, consequences of sports injuries or intensive training, innate bone and muscle pathologies are successfully treated at the Army Clinical Sanatorium named after N.I. Pirogov. Pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, urological and gynecological diseases, skin diseases and other disorders are also being treated in Poltava-Krym, Yurmino and Sakropol health resorts. As for the latter, above all it also offers treatment programs for patients with type 2 diabetes and obesity. There are other health centers in Saki where you can undergo a course of short-term or long-term treatment. So, as you see, the selection of specialized health resorts is large enough here.

Healing procedures

Health improvement in Saki

If you go to Crimea not for specialized treatment, but for general health improvement, then you do not have to go to a specialized sanatorium or boarding house. In Saki you can stay in a hotel or guest house and at the same time attend medicinal and wellness procedures in health centers. A number of health resorts readily offer such options.

For example, wellness procedures you can get optionally are massage, aromatherapy, climatotherapy, therapeutic baths, saunas, mud wraps, oxygen cocktails, water from mineral springs, as well as physical exercise therapy, swimming and so on. All of them have a general strengthening effect on the body, temper it and add strength and energy.

You can take wellness treatments in Saki on the basis of Sakropol, Yurmino, Severnoye Siyaniyeh (northern lights), Poltava-Krym health resorts, Tanger boarding house and others. And what is important: most of the health resort institutions in Saki offer both medicinal and wellness treatment. So you can go there with the whole family − someone will receive specialized help, and someone will just strengthen the body and charge it with health.

Experts are convinced that health programs combined with climatotherapy in Crimea significantly increase the therapeutic effect of taking medical procedures. After all, this is a unique peninsula, where in addition to a substantial medical infrastructure, there is the sea, the sun, tourist attractions and everything you need for a good leisure. So if to be treated − then here! Crimea heals.