This year, as reported in the press service of the NBG, the ball collected 500 varieties of chrysanthemums − large-petal and small-petal ones, of various forms and colors.

Among the small ones, for example, the most interesting varieties with a green tint: Bomber Green, Discovery, Dodge, Froggy. For the first time, 45 new hybrid forms of the Botanical Garden selection (selections of 2021) were presented, for which, according to the tradition loved by all, visitors will be offered to propose the names.

All in all, carpets made of thousands of motley and fragrant "heads" were laid out before the guests. Choose the best viewpoints, adjust your phone's camera – and let your pictures be truly joyful and inspiring!

In addition, surprises wait for tourists. This is a flowerbed made of chrysanthemums in the shape of the Crimean peninsula, which appeared in the lower part of the garden. The dimensions of the masterpiece are striking: 11 by 7 meters. Decorative green plants − chlorophytum and asparagus accompany white and claret-colored buds. Such is an original photo zone with a patriotic bias.

Another art-object, which no woman will pass by, is called "The Queen of the Autumn Dress" and it represents a magnificent "skirt" with a "corset" made of different-colored chrysanthemums. Those keen on fashion can "try on" this "outfit" and, of course, make a memorable photo.

Traditionally, the main floral event of the South Coast of Crimea will last until frost, so in November you will still have an opportunity to see this miracle and breathe in its incomparable aromas.

The cost of an adult ticket is 500 rubles (about $ 8), for a child (from 7 to 14 years old) it is 200 rubles (about $ 3). In the autumn-winter period, the ticket office is open from 09:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m. Bonuses also apply. You can read about them here.

Address: Yalta, Nikita town, 52 Nikitskiy Spusk (descending road).