3D tours are created in 360° format. This allows you to see the space around the shooting point from all sides and make a virtual transfer from one hall of a museum to another. For the project, images recorded with high-tech equipment are used. Thanks to this, you can have a good look at all the exhibited items. Thus the effect of being in the museum is created.

Today we offer you virtual tours of the Genoese fortress in Sudak, Chekhov's house-museum in Yalta and the Vorontsov's Palace.

Please find the 3D museum tours in the player. It is easy to use: there is a control panel, where you can select the room you want to see, move virtually through the exposition rooms, zoom in and out. For convenience, you can turn on the full-screen "walk" mode − expand the player to the full screen of the monitor. All museum 3D tours are available here.