According to the city administration, the celebrations will last for several days at different places. The most interesting events are in our poster.

September 9

Komsomolsky Park:

  • 04:00 p.m. – On the Banks of the Ancient Bosporus, all-Russian exhibition-forum of folk art
  • 05:00 p.m. – Patterns of the Peoples of Russia, festive costume procession of participants of the All-Russian ethnic festival
  • 06:00 p.m. – concert program of the participants of the My Russia festival

September 10

Peace Square:

  • 04:00-05:00 p.m. – festive concert program of creative teams of the city
  • 04:00-06:00 p.m. – Kerch – a City of Flowers, a City of Happiness and Hope! exhibition-competition for the best flower arrangement
  • 04:00-06:00 p.m. – The City Where I Live, competition of drawings on asphalt
  • 04:00-06:00 p.m. – fair of masters of arts and crafts
  • 05:00-06:00 p.m. – About Kerch with Love, literary lounge

Alyonka public garden:

  • 04:00-06:00 p.m. – Merry Holiday in our Garden Opens the Door to Childhood, festive program

Lenin Square:

  • 06:00-07:30 p.m. – concert program of creative groups of the city
  • 08:00-09:00 p.m. – concert program of the State Song and Dance Ensemble of the Donetsk Peoples Republic
  • 09:00-10:00 0.m. – Schnaps-Band cover group performance
  • 10:00 p.m. – festive fireworks

September 11

The Korabel Palace of Culture  (88 Ordzhonikidze St.):

  • 05:00 p.m. – In the Circle of Friends, interactive exhibition complex
  • 06:00 p.m. – Patterns of the Peoples of Russia, gala concert of the all-Russian ethnic festival