So, what should the accommodation facilities require when checking in: 

1. Check that the visitor has a document confirming a negative laboratory test result for the presence of Covid-19, made no earlier than 72 hours before arrival (accommodation).

2. Check that the visitor has a certificate or QR code of the coronavirus vaccination or a certificate or QR code of the previous Covid-19 disease (valid for 6 months after recovery). 

3. Check the validity of the QR code by scanning it with a camera of a smartphone, tablet or other similar device connected to the Internet and the State Services portal, and check the correspondence of the initials and date of birth of the visitor, contained in the QR code, with the visitor’s ID.

4. If the documents specified in clauses 1 and 2 are presented and the authenticity of the presented QR code proved, the visitor can be admitted to the accommodation facility. Otherwise, admittance of the visitor contradicts the norms of the Decree of the Head of the Republic of Crimea, dated October 22, 2021.