"The head of state clearly outlined the main goals of this measure: to protect the life and health of citizens as much as possible, to "bring down" the peak of a new wave of the epidemic. For these goals to be achieved, it is very important for all of us to show responsibility, patience and discipline," S. Aksyonov is convinced.

He urged the Crimeans to accept the imposed temporary restrictions with understanding, to refrain from mass trips to nature or to other regions, to recreate in large companies on weekends, to reduce contacts, and also to observe all necessary safety measures.

"There is only one most reliable way to protect yourself and your families from the disease − vaccination. If you have not yet been vaccinated, do not postpone it. The greater the number of vaccinated, the better the epidemiological situation, the sooner it will be possible to remove restrictions and return to the usual rhythm of life," the Head of Crimea concluded.