This year both large-flower chrysanthemums (182 varieties) and small-flower chrysanthemums (289 varieties) of various shapes and colors will shine at the ball. Of course, there will also be new items bred in recent years by local specialists.

"If we talk about new breeds among small-flower chrysanthemums, we will present two breeding sites. The first section will be the breeds of 2020, which we will show for the first time. These are about 44 hybrid varieties, all of them will be under their numbers, and the names of them, according to tradition, will be suggested by the visitors themselves. The chrysanthemums, which were already exhibited last year, but then they were not named, will be "settled" on the second site. But this year we have selected the most interesting names suggested by our guests. Among them (in English translation): Charm, Starfish, Sissy, Cassiopeia, Autumn Tango. In total, there will be 35 varieties on this site," Zoya Andryushenkova, junior researcher of the NBG floriculture laboratory, told the Travel Crimea Portal.

It will be possible to come up with names for new varieties of large-flower chrysanthemums.

As a rule, the mass flowering of the "queen of autumn" in the open field in the South Coast comes from mid or late October to early November, depending on weather conditions. However, some of them bloom earlier. So, at the Ball-2021, the first guests will be greeted by early flowering varieties, such as Golden Hair, Summer Snow, Malvina, Teddy Bear, Bee Swarm, Pink Flamingo, Sunny Extravaganza, Amber Brooch, and many others.

By the year of 2021, the collection of chrysanthemums of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden of only small-flower garden varieties totals about 350. And it is considered the largest in the territory of the Russian Federation in terms of quantity and quality.

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