"We are waiting for an exhibition of paintings by incomparable Crimean artists and photographers, ceramics, graphics, watercolors, etchings, sculptures, etc. Acquaintance with the authors and their work, an interesting lecture about F.I. Siebold and a unique place, the official opening of an information stand, pleasant creative communication under the crowns of the autumn forest and, of course, music," they promise. − Life is movement, and if we want events, we need to create them ourselves! Come enjoy creativity!".

The exhibition will be held from 12:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. Admission is free. The organizers of the event − actress, director and artist Irena Gregor and artist Irina Nikolina − will also show their works to the guests of the exhibition. And there you can also see the works of their colleagues Boris Nikolin, Galina Plekhova, Alexey Astafyev, Igor Simelin, Natalina Mukhina, Lara Panchenko, Marina Chernova, Viktor Tretyakov, Pavel Gulyayev, Katerina Martyusheva and Anna Polkovnikova.

At the same time, Sergey Mukhin, Tatiana Koshelnaya and Fleur Khasanova will present ceramic products, Olga Petukhova and Yulia Li will present picturesque photographs. Boris Pogrebetsky, Lydia Tsinkler, Ivan Markov, Nadezhda Ustritskaya, Elena Neminushchaya and Sergey Kvetkov will also participate in the exhibition.

The musical accompaniment will be provided by Alexander Kiselyov. And Viktor Tretyakov will inspire with his poetry.

The staff of the Travel Crimea Portal could not stay away from such an event and… joined it. Yes, on Saturday our vivid photos will be shown in the Siebold Bowl. The Portal acts as an information partner of this unique event. So:  see you in Theodosia!

Exhibition program

•    12:00:  official opening

•    12.20 p.m.:  opening of Siebold information stand;

•    12.30 p.m.:  lecture about Siebold;

•    12.40 p.m.:  planting of Siebold pine;

•    12.45 p.m.:  presentation of artists and their works;

•    02:20 p.m.:  musical part. Plein air for everyone

•    03.30 p.m.:  presentation of diplomas to participants.

The Siebold's Bowl is located on the outskirt of Theodosia, at a 10-minute drive. You can also get there on foot:  first you need to get to the last bus stop on Panova Street, and from there climb the hill (about 30 minutes).

By the way, Fyodor Siebold was a forest engineer. In 1904, on Mount Tepeh-Oba, he built a cone-shaped moisture condenser with a diameter of 12 meters. This facility was the world's first successful experience in obtaining condensation water. Due to the temperature difference there, according to scientists, it was possible to get about 400 liters of water per day. Today this place is known as the Siebold's Bowl.