This winter the airport expects to receive about 200-250 thousand passengers a month. The plan is to increase the capacity due to the reconstruction of runway No. 2.

"The work on the restoration of the runway is a planned program. At the same time, the capacity will not be limited, we confirm all flights and airline requests. We will prepare a work plan for the winter period, prepare equipment, train personnel, we have already prepared an appropriate stock of chemicals and everything necessary for maintenance of the airport in winter," Plaksin said.

This year, Simferopol Airport received a record number of tourists in its history. On October 4 a ceremonial welcome of the 6 millionth passenger from Sochi took place.

"The successful implementation of the federal target program allowed us to introduce additional parking spaces by this season, which made it possible to receive such a record number of aircraft and passengers," the Director-General of Simferopol Airport concluded.