It is also necessary to develop mechanisms for subsidizing recreation, health improvement and rehabilitation of those who has been and still is working "on the front edge", the minister stressed. These are doctors, medical staff, law enforcement departments, social workers, teachers.  

"Today not only active prevention is of great importance − social distance and mask regime − but also prevention measures and precautions in general. Namely: an active lifestyle, sports, walking in the fresh air, proper nutrition, vitamins and proper treatment for chronic diseases, which may be complicated by coronavirus infection. This all is what the health resort complex was created for, and this is what its further development and maximal demand for its services are based on", — said Vadim Volchenko.

According to the honorary president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sergei Shpilko, this year which was challenging for the health resort complex, health resorts of Russia have coped with the high demand, providing treatment and recovery for many Russians. And today, Shpilko believes, it is important to ensure the massive rehabilitation of those who is recovering from the disease. Moreover, in the sphere of health resort treatment Russia remains the undisputed world leader: the health-improving complex of the Russian Federation includes 1.8 thousand health resort institutions with a total capacity of 437 thousand beds.

In Crimea today there are 367 accommodation facilities, including 71 health resorts. According to Vadim Volchenko, this year the tourism and health resort industry of Crimea has experienced peak occupancy rate that it has not seen since post-Soviet times and avoided both stoppages in the work and outbreaks of the disease in the accommodation facilities, once again confirming the high professionalism of tourism sphere personnel.