In the picturesque village of Noviy Svet in the east of the Crimea there are many amazing places for leisure, recreation and walking. Among them there is a relic juniper grove. It is protected by the state and is a part of the Noviy Svet Nature Reserve. Therefore, you can walk and breathe healing air along the equipped hiking trail only in an organized group led by a guide. 

Apart from juniper, rocky and fluffy oaks, ash, pistachio trees, maples and pike perches also grow in the grove. Each plant has an info table  and a fence. A walk through the healing air area will take about two hours. Along the entire trail there are benches for rest and litter bins.  

The air in the juniper grove is saturated with volatile phytoncides, which make it healing. Walks here are indicated to people with upper respiratory tract diseases, and the plants also help to normalize blood pressure and improve metabolism.