The longest unpiered cable road in Europe is located in Crimea. It leads from the South Coast village of Miskhor to the Ai-Petri plateau. In the cable car tourists can go up to the height of 1153 meters in 15 minutes and to find themselves in one of the most picturesque places on the peninsula.

The construction of the cableway began in 1967 and only 20 years later, on December 31, 1987, it took its first passengers. Its length is 2980 m, the climb is divided into two sections.  The Miskhor − Ai-Petri cable road is considered unique. An unpiered span stretches between its middle and upper stations, with a length of 1670 meters and an elevation angle near the cliffs is 46 degrees.

For the safety of passengers, experienced conductors are in the cable cars, and duty attendants are at the terminals. There are stands with information at the stations about the schedule, the history of the cableway and contact details. The waiting areas are equipped with modern TVs and a fogging system for outdoor conditioning.